Architecture & planning colleges in Hyderabad


   Architecture is a both art and science. While students pursuing the degree in architecture,they learn the unique blend of DesignCulture, and Science & Technology. Nowadays,Architectural courses are more highly competitive, that they takes five years to complete where students will be trained to pursue both artistic and creative skills and at the same time, they are taught about the constructional science, methodology, and technology. This course will involves a lot of practical trainings and internship. where Architecture has equal elements of arts and science, so it will cover all the aspects of both like social, technical, ethical and aesthetic values.

Scope Of Architecture

               Growth and wealth of a nation will be reflected in physical appearance as well as in the industry which is more responsible for the construction industry. Today, our economy is growing at a rapid pace and extensively to  very large extent. The construction business which requires both skilled designers as well as constructors.We now have witness that at the time has changed a lot. From the basic necessity of housing then shelter, our focus shifted on comfort, luxury and style. This led to increased avenues for those who want to make their career in this sector.

Why Aurora?

Aurora group of institutions was established with the aim to provide quality undergraduate and post graduate engineering education in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We are leading Architecture & planning colleges in Hyderabad, Emerging with trans-formative power of planning and design. We are equipped with the facilities of International Standards and the faculties with unshakable commitment to provide quality education.


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