Top 10 engineering colleges in India

Many numbers of students dream of being part of top 10 engineering colleges in India and make their career brighter. Do you know why our Aurora Group of colleges has improved over the last few years? Well, due to the fact of increased in industrial production, infrastructure, quality of education, and main aim to make students career in peak level, all our faculties work together to make our students as future leaders ; this has been a major contribution to our growth.

Every year thousands of Indian students do efforts to crack the engineering exams and aspiring to be a part of the industry. In order to provide the best academic support to all students, we used to upgrade the new methodologies for teaching and learning. Aurora Groups is one of the best colleges in India.

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 For Admissions:

Asst. Registrar(Academics),

Mob: 9100345678, 9100456789, 910 012 3456


 HR Department

Mr.SR Shekar
HR Manager,
Mob: +91 9100000032, 


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